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September 9, 2018by Contributor to Cause

It is easy to let anxiety consume every waking moment when we live with an active addict. I felt a false sense of control and became anxious when I thought the addict in my life was going to use.

September 5, 2018by Contributor to Cause

Why was “live and let live” such a hard concept to wrap my mind around? By educating myself, I can now see that when I am dealing with the disease of alcoholism, I feel an urgency to fix everything that goes wrong in my addicted love ones life, and to help him with his daily […]

September 5, 2018by Contributor to Cause

Addiction is like a chain reaction. It is a disease that affects the user and their family members, friends and coworkers. I tried to control, cover-up, and take on the responsibilities for the addict. The addict‘s illness affects me because I care for her and love her.

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