Teens Facing Addiction

TEENS: Where can you go to discuss your loved one's addiction

It can be very difficult for children or teens to articulate or express to a parent or adult, how deeply affected they are by having an of an alcoholic or addict in the family. In some situations a single parent may be raising the family and that single parent is the loved one who is an alcoholic or addict. Or both parents may have a drinking or addiction problem.


In many cases, peer support groups for teens, such as Alateen, can be very useful and beneficial. Such community support groups, such as Alateen, may be available in your community, and is where your teen can find people closer to their own age going through similiar situations and issues. 

It is important for teens to have a voice, to be able to express their feelings without being worried of hurting the feelings of their parent(s), to be able to share their viewpoints and how the alcoholic or addict in the family is affecting their lives and impacting and shaping their future.


If your teen is open to seeking advice from a trained professional, it is wise to embrace their wishes in the best way possible. It is important to remember that teens may feel very alone and scared, so the need to find a safe place to share their feelings may be very comforting. They need to not feel embarassed by the situation and be encouraged to change their attitudes about alcoholics and addicts and not react negatively. Like adults, they too need the courage to detach with love and feel good about themselves.